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Originally Posted by TribalElder View Post
Exif data could help assuming you geotag your photos.

You could drive around and call it while listening for it to ring. lol

If it was stolen from your office how large of a list can that be of possible suspects? Also if you had it connected to your corporate exchange server you should be able to at least remotely wipe the device through your webmail service. The remote wipe wont recover your phone but it will at least remove your info
It's a busy hospital. I hadn't synced the new phone to the exchange server. I was using my old phone for via wifi for all work email.

I'm certain it was a family member of a patient. The difficult part in this is I could contact the patient but I could get in trouble (HIPAA) for using that info to track somebody down. It's a delicate situation info-wise.
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