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That's a line of thought being thrown out to guards as well, given the use of multiple pass rushers in a front, stunts, and packages like Four Aces.

I don't believe it, because they don't operate in space with extremely wide splits, but it is a belief.
Yeah, I'm a bit split on guards. They used to be maulers etc, but with pass rushers and DL not so much just big movers now, but athletic mofos, it's tough.

Some believe a mediocre line will suffice, which in todays NFL it will, if you have a HOF'er behind it. Even the Pats with Brady, have invested in the OL. Same with the Pack, it just hasn't worked out.

But, in regards to the RT spot, most teams now have 2-3 pretty badass passrushers on both sides. The good teams or teams we need to focus on beating do.
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