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KC: Bowe, Baldwin, Avery, McCluster, Hemingway, Copper, Wylie, Bellamy, Gilyard, Newsome,

49ers: Crabtree, Jenkins, Patton, Boldin, Manningham, Wlliams, Lockette, Hastings, Moore,

Advantage 49ers.

KC: Charles, Davis, Draughn, Gray, Eachus ()
49ers: Gore, James, Hunter, Lattimore, Hampton

Charles is a better back but 49ers are incredibly deeper than KC. Advantage 49ers

KC: Fasano, Kelce, Brokeaki, Brock
49ers: Davis, McDonald, Celek, Morrah

This would be really close if Davis wasn't so mcuh better than any of the TEs on KC's roster. Fasano, Kelce, Moeaki (if he can stay healthy) is a pretty deep but not very sexy group on paper. Still, advantage 49ers
I'd take Bowe over any of their receivers and I'd take Charles over any of their RB's. Far more playmaking ability.

I think their TE's are better, but I think we have a solid group.
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