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ya but it's a ****ing science project!

ruin a young persons life over that. That shit is ****ed up. This isn't some explosion at school, its a ****ing science project that had a little "pop" sound.

If this was some sinister thing she was doing intentionally to scare people, then yes, I'd agree. But that's not the case.

Sure as hell shouldn't involve the authorities. I hope you are just trolling.
So, you're taking this line from the story: "A Florida teen with an exemplary record is facing federal charges after conducting what a classmate calls a science project gone bad."

You're taking that line and assuming that this was some sort of assigned science project? For real? Are the kids smoking in the bathrooms just doing "science project" as well?

So, the standard on school explosions should be--as long as it is pretty small, it's ok? And untrained kids should be able to know exactly what will happen when they mix their chemicals, right?
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