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jesus, in the cold light of morning this thread looks even worse for marcellus...

No not at ll. You still couldn't find your ass with both hands and a compass dude let alone get the point.

I am not QB averse or risk averse. Never have been. I would have been fine with drafting Sanchez back in the day, I wanted Geno early on in the season until he began to migrate into a dumpster fire.

The point I have made over and over that you morons cant come to reality with is that Reid and Dorsey dont have anything to do with passing on the last 50 great QB's over the last 30 years nor was the lack of QB talent in this draft their fault.

Bitching about the past mistakes of others and using it against the current leadership is ****ing stupid. Its tiresome and its old

And then to top it off when this is pointed out I am called risk averse or gasp "true fan".

, call it what you want but I am not wasting my time complaining about the past failings of others who are gone day after day after ****ing day.

Hamas mr "critical thinker" cant even get past this shit.
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