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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
I was one of the biggest Geno supporters and I don't think Geno has anything to do with Fisher being a poor selection. This was obviously a tackle heavy draft, and we have a coach who values both sides of the line equally so I understand why we did it and I don't hate it. At all. I can see some serious upside to our running game, and protecting our game manager.

I just think Dion Jordan would've been a much better selection. He has elite potential and Tamba isn't getting younger. It would've been an incredible rotation and we would've had the most sacks in the league next year IMO. That itself takes a lot of pressure off of an offense. What's done is done though, my choice to be a fan and I'm optimistic.
Dion may end up being great, but he's FAR from that right now. I didn't want another "potential" pick. I think Fisher is much closer to being Pro Bowl calibre than either Dion or Geno for that matter.
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