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Coming from someone who wanted Geno. I have rewatched the Bray highlights and I think he is the most "talented" QB coming out of college right now and the most "talented" QB on the roster, hands down. His pocket presence is better than anything we have witnessed in a long time as Chiefs fans, and the arm? Please, this dude is good and he knows it, hence the perceived overconfidence in his arm, gunslinger mentality. That's exactly what this team needs, a mfkin gunslinger!!!! F playing it safe. So what he got a ticket jet skiing? So what there were some beer bottles kicked or whatever from a roof, balcony or whatever? No charges were filed. That's all we got? Uncoachable? We'll see. Sometimes when you are that talented and young, you can come off that way but what I saw on film?

The way this dude can buy time and sling it if off the charts compared to everyone else. Additionally, he is always looking to make the big play, which I fkin like!!!! Chiefs fans have been trained to go for the conservative, game manager. How has that turned out in the last 40+ years? Bray is the most "talented" QB on this roster. Best QB? He has to prove it but he is heads and shoulders above even Alex Smith in "natural" talent. I am pulling for this dude, he has "IT" potential....real talk..
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