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Originally Posted by FringeNC View Post
I think Bray's dad is enabling his son's immaturity by reminding everyone that Bray is the most physically gifted QB in the draft. Instead, his father should have made comments along the line that Tyler is disappointed he wasn't drafted but it was a real wake-up call for him, and that Tyler realizes that physical ability alone is not enough in the NFL.

Sounds to me like his dad is in denial about what actually happened on draft day, and that can't be good for Bray. Bray needs some tough love, not coddling from an immature parent who wants to live vicariously through his son.
He is the most physically gifted, that's pretty evident.....He is kinda kaepernickish without the running and slides around the pocket like a pro. I saw some savvy and most of all BIG BALLS. Not afraid to make a play.......
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