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I have listened to them all a few times through. I really like the new songs a lot! It kinda reminds me of Queensryche- Operation Mind Crime- with a little Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon- with a bit of Tool mixed in. Very Unique!

I looked up your FB and sent a F R. Hope to get the whole CD when it comes out and check you guys out live. I am always out seeing new bands and trying to support the local music scene. Great job!!

BTW- nice job with the production- much better than most of the new "professional" mixing that has been done lately. A lot of the new bands just mix so Loud and Hot it covers other layers of sound. The last Buck Cherry was like that IMO.

Can't wait to hear the whole CD!!
Wow, thanks a ton for those compliments! I hope to see you out sometime!

btw: here is our official Facebook page:

Getting Likes on this page is where it counts. That statistic is looked at by the majority of bookers.
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