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Why do you assume he's stupid? Also, Favre is way better than what we have seen on this team in awhile. Ain't you tired of game managing QBs scared to make mistakes and never making any plays or too brainwashed and dumbed down to make any game winning and playoff winning plays? F that conservative bullshit. I like a QB who has the balls to win the big games....
There's a difference between taking risk and just being stupid with the ball.

Brett Favre was stupid.

He tried to fit balls into tight windows in triple coverage.
Tried throwing the ball 40 yards downfield to the left while running to the right, or 60 yards downfield while running to his left.

He had too much confidence in his gun, and he, and the Pack, paid for it.

Bray has the propensity for the same stupidity.

Take your risks.
Every great QB does.

But they are smart about it.
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