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The main way you can tell is people don't look at the camera, nor do they seem bothered by the camera. It's obvious they're being coached.

I enjoy Pawn Stars, but it's about 95% bullshit. Show participants have to sign waivers before they appear on camera, although the actual negotiations are supposedly legit. The store is closed while episodes are filming, and when the store is open, the stars don't work the counters anymore. That doesn't bother me so much, but some of the dumbass story lines they toss in are starting to grate a bit. Like an employee's going to call in sick and then stay home playing video games with a camera crew filiming him. Like Corey's going to give up that gig if he doesn't get an ownership share. Please.
Honestly, it's why I stopped watching Pawn Stars. It's garbage.
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