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Originally Posted by Prison Bitch View Post
As kietzman points out, where can they go? They won't be able to park their sports in another conference and go Indy for football. That means they have to be in a conference. No option makes travel sense.
ACC... they've already set the precedent with Notre Dame that they'll take nonrevenue sports without football. Aside from the distance, I'd think that would be a pretty good setup for UT to get the same deal as ND. Indy in football, get to play UNC and Duke in basketball every year? ACC is also stronger in baseball, a sport the Longhorns really care about.

It's not like UT can't aford to fly to China to play their games and it's also not like games at WVU, ISU, KSU, KU are close anyways. They're already making long trips in conference. I'm not saying they're going to do it, but if they were willing to go to the pac and log all those miles, they'll probably be willing to take the same deal the ACC gave ND IMO.

I doubt the Pac, SEC or Big Ten will give them the ACC special though.
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