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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Who? Who the **** did you bring in?

Did you bring in an Akeem Jordan and a Dunta Robinson? Hey, so did we! Also, we didn't lose anybody.

It's taken McKenzie TWO offseasons just to gut that sad sack of shit of a team in order to start from Square 1. You guys MIGHT be good in 3 or 4 years now that all the poisonous contracts have been mostly taken off the books and you actually have draft picks to work with. But I'm not expecting anything any time soon. Your team is going to largely resemble a freshly gutted and cleaned 2008 Chiefs. Expect their record to be about the same.
As bad as they were- they beat the Chiefs 3 outta 5 times with that crappy team- that should tell you how talented the Chiefs are- Hell, the Raiders won what? the last 5 games in Arrowhead. And dont try and blame Matt Cassell and Romeo Crennel for losing to the Raiders the last 3 years-

It wasn't a "fluke" it's not a "bad day" when you lose 3 times outta 5..

Raiders have improved defensively- Mike Jenkins from the Cowboys, Tracey Porter and drafted DJ Hayden at CB's

Usama Young from the Browns at safety

Nick Roach from the Bears, Keven Burnett from the Dolphins and Sio Moore at LB's

Pat Sims from the Bengals, Vance Walker from the Falcons at DT and they brought in Jason Hunter DE from the Broncos who by the way beat out 1st rd pick Ayers for the starting DE position-

Good solid free agent pickups-

The Chiefs supposedly made the biggest splash last year and everybody here was screaming how they were gonna fight for the division title because they brought in Routt, Hillis, Winston and Boss.. hell, all were cut a year later- Chiefs went on to dominate the division by producing an amazing 2 wins
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