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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
So these games are going to take place over the course of five weeks...


This thing is ****ing stupid. It's about as intriguing as the Big 12 PAC 12 challenge was. (Anyone remember that abortion?)

Here's my theory (based on nothing other than the fact that I look dashing in a nice tinfoil hat): This series has been created as a way to grease the skids for the aTm/Texas and Mizzou/KU rivalries to resume without Texas and Kansas losing face.

Those matchups will happen around year three, and the administrations will be able to say, "It's time to bury the hatchet...we've already played them in this challenge...albeit we might as well go ahead and move forward with the rivalry games and schedule them on our own terms".

Pairing them up year one would be too obvious and wouldn't provide cover for the true intentions, but when the inevitable happens..."Well, we didn't want to play them, but we don't control that part of the schedule, so our hands are tied."
KU just landed the best player in basketball since LeBron.

They couldn't care less about playing Mizzou today or twenty years from now.

Texas just revealed that their athletic department brings in a revenue around $163,000,000. This is $40,000,000 more than the closest SEC school.

I appreciate your attempt to once again take a shot at the Big 12 but the fact remains that these schools are excelling beyond anything they've done in the past athletically and financially.

This is a mutual attempt by both conferences to capitalize on the explosion in popularity of college basketball. Really nothing more.
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