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Originally Posted by Hound333 View Post
I agree, it would be very good business for Mizzou. It is not however a national rivalry. I know way to many people from the East coast that think KSU is KU's only rival. The only time the national media cares about KU/MU games are when they are both ranked in the top 10. Most years it was only a local rivalry.

I would love to play Mizzou every year, I just don't want to give up a game against UK or Fla or whoever is the best team in the SEC to get it. If MU is the best team we can play from that league then by all means schedule it up.
While I don't quite dismiss KU/MU as having no national appeal as much as you do your core point is correct. Kansas Basketball has ascended to a level where they simply can't be bothered by lower rung teams. Just look at the non-con KU is playing already. Kansas is out for huge ratings and huge money and from the SEC really only Kentucky and Florida can bring that at this time.

Nov. 8 (Friday) LOUISIANA-MONROE, Lawrence, Kan.

Nov. 12 (Tuesday) Duke, Chicago, Ill. (Champions Classic, United Center)

Nov. 19 (Tuesday) IONA, Lawrence, Kan.

Nov. 22 (Friday) TOWSON, Lawrence, Kan.

Nov. 28-30, Battle 4 Atlantis (Three games), Paradise Island, Bahamas

The field: Villanova, Tennessee, Iowa, UTEP, Xavier, USC and Wake Forest.

Dec. 7 (Saturday) at Colorado, Boulder, Colo.

Dec. 10 (Tuesday) at Florida, Gainesville, Fla.

Dec. 14 (Saturday) NEW MEXICO, Kansas City, Mo. (Sprint Center)

Dec. 21 (Saturday) GEORGETOWN, Lawrence, Kan.

Dec. 30 (Monday) TOLEDO, Lawrence, Kan.

Jan. 5 (Sunday) SAN DIEGO STATE, Lawrence, Kan.
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