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Originally Posted by ChiliConCarnage View Post
Agreed. In the short term but you won't see anything like those stats if you line up 2010,11 and 12 for Alex. Though I'll admit he might have had a season at least a bit closer if he'd been able to finish out last season.

Still, the 9ers finished 23rd in total passing yards and Alex averaged 160 passing yards/game. It's probably skewed by the game he got hurt in but he was still on pace to throw for less than 3,000 yards.
If people are so sure Reid will air it out more, then the numbers will be close. Remember, Harbaugh pushed balanced, conservative offense. SF had a very strong defense and punter to play the field position game. Reid seems like he will take more risk and aggression to the field (at least somewhat more).. so Alex's INTs may rise a bit, but the pass yards should rise as well.
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