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Originally Posted by ChiliConCarnage View Post
The 9ers were 4th in rushing and 23rd in passing. That's not balanced but it's definitely conservative. That's what you do when you have a really good team and a limited quarterback. When you don't have a really good team and you have an extremely limited QB you get Matt Cassel or Alex Smiths bad years.

I suppose we'll see as far as Andy Reid airing it out. I suspect we just drafted a RT with the first pick of the draft and a fullback later on for a reason. Alex may throw more times but I'd hope it'll all be underneath stuff and screens. I wouldn't call that airing it out though.
Fair enough. I don't happen to think Alex is as "limited" as some folks think. I think having a team of lackluster receivers... or at the very least.. receivers that don't yet fully know the new offense well.. was a "limited" aspect of the team. It should really say something to people when Vernon Davis.. our best receiving weapon.. tells the media that he didn't really grasp the 2011 offense well until late in the season. Add in the fact that we had a bottom 5 center and right guard on the OL? Yeah... Harbaugh was wise to "limit" the playbook.

I agree mostly with the last paragraph though. If Reid is wise, he would do well to trend towards a similar offense that Alex was so efficient with in SF.
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