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Originally Posted by Alex Smith 4Ever View Post
I wonder if this forum will be as active when the Chiefs start winning. As I've always said, half of this place comes here because they like to be martyrs and root against the Chiefs
Seen this before on SF forums.

-some will claim that they believed in Alex all the time, but just enjoyed pissing people off with their comments.

-some will make every excuse in the book to suggest that "the team around Alex was perfection... and Alex needs to be carried by perfection."

-some will say that "9 wins just isn't good enough... that the season was some fluke.. that just barely winning isn't really winning.. and they still must get a real QB to get any further."

The feet will be dug in so deeply that you will rarely hear "I was wrong about that QB." ... and if you do read that? Then others will kiss that ass because that person had the stones to admit they were wrong.

So there really won't be any worthwhile accountability.

... and like I said before... internet pride and the "being right or wrong" game is pretty silly anyway. None of us get paid to assess players or assess draft prospects. Yet people still find a way to insert their egos to other anonymous people on a forum.

It is an interesting... and addictive world.
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