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Originally Posted by Meatloaf View Post
Ok boys (and girls), here are some reasons I'm excited for the upcoming season:
1-3: I do not have to watch Matt Castle attempt to play QB.
4-5: I do not have to watch Brady Quinn attempt to play QB.
6-7: I do not have to hear idiotic reports regarding Scooter and candy wrappers, raising hands to go to the jon, shuttering of blinds for lowly staff, etc, etc, etc.
8-9: I do not have to watch Romeo and his keen coaching staff attempt to coach a team with sharp phrases like "Eliminate bad football" (are you frickin' kidding me?!?!?!).
10: This is a whole new deal with a new GM (thank God), a new coaching staff (with impressive pedigree I might add), some new QB's (cannot possibly be worse than MC and BQ), a couple of new TE's, an offensive line with some quality depth, a couple of new DLs, tons of new people in the defensive backfield, etc, etc, etc. AT MINIMUM, this is going to be one interesting ride, so quit bellyaching about the past and enjoy this new season. Lord have mercy, compared to last year, this is going to seem like football paradise!!!
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