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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Nobody's insisting on anything like that you ****ing idiot.

We're insisting on building a team the RIGHT ****ING WAY.
How's that insisting working for you? Because I assure you, all you are doing is looking like a pouting child throwing a tantrum for not "getting your way." Boo-Hoo!!! Don't like what's being built? Piss off.. take your lil toys and go home.

Or don't. I don't ****ing care. I find your tantrums hilarious. Some of us may actually have some respect for the KC GM and HC.. and the scouting department that clearly didn't see a worthwhile QB to develop into a SB winner. Some of us are taking a laid back approach of wait-n-see optimism.

( insert "deal with it" gif )
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