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Whenever something romantic turns into a shitty situation, just remind yourself that it could be worse. You could be me. This is how my love life goes: I'm currently really interested in someone (true story, have been for a while now), despite my best efforts not to be. And me being me I'm doing everything I can to either avoid it, convince myself there's no way it could ever even be a possibility (she's much younger than I am so there's no way in any non-fantasy world that she'd be interested in me...) or when I see her sabotage the situation by making it as awkward as possible. (I'm really self-destructive like that...).

In the end, this story will play out like it always does, with me pining away after this girl for months, or years, never making a move, until she's eventually gone. That's what always happens, because I'm so afraid/assured of rejection that I never even try. AKA the good ol' self-fulfilling prophesy...
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