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I know I'm way to late to this party but I gotta brag a little.
Soon after Christmas I decided to get my sh1t together.
My father having type 2 DIABETES and suffering an early age massive stroke,pushed me beyond my normal spring diet that my family and friends laugh at each yr.
Normally I jump up to 245 in the winter probably due to depression eating due to the Chiefs and as summer nears I lose 25 pounds.
I've done this for at least 15 yrs now.
But I decided to stop this roller coaster ride and make a bigger change more of a life style change.
I'm 47 yrs old,6 foot on average 235 pounds.
My ideal weight is probably 185-190.
In January I decided to start working out with my wife which leans towards running and of course eating healthy like she always has.

Since January there are certain foods that I haven't had at all.
I haven't had Bread,Pasta,Soda,Candy,Chips,Fried foods anything made with flour so etc.
I've sat down my beer for the occasional bottle of wine with the wife.
I haven't pulled into a fast food place in 5 months.
Or I should say even more impressively I have when its a must pulled into a fast food joint to get the kids some fast grub when on the run.
Do you know what its like to order burgers fries sodas for everyone and nothing for yourself? When your stomachs grumbiling and you want a handful of salty fries.
What its like to go to a sports bar and have everyone around you eating piles of chicken wings nachos etc as you sit there with a salad topped with apple vinegar or something close?
To take the kids for ice cream and walk out with nothing?? no cake batter chocolate covered waffle cone with sprinkles?
At first its not easy but once you hit the 2-3 month point it actually becomes a habit.

I now stand on the scale at a current weight of 190 pounds.
A 50 pound loss in just under 5 months.
I should also tell you the weight wasnt all in my belly.
Yes I had a little bulge but when you drop 50 pounds you'd be amazed at where you lose a lot of it from.
I had no idea how skinny and toned my legs shouldve been, my old jeans look like loose sweat pants on my legs its crazy.
And no my legs didn't appear fat as heavy peoples often do..just in hindsight I guess they were larger than they should be.
The legs is what my wifes so stunned about we had no clue that was the case.
I did go from a tight 36 waist to a 32 which meant I had to buy all new pants,shorts and my Chief superoos were a tad too loose.
My shirts went from 2 X to 1 X.
And I cant explain how good I feel all the way around.
Odd when I wear a T-shirt not only does it not bulge at all but actually goes in a little when I stand up straight.
I'm being told my face looks a little different oddly enough.

Then when your at work and the ladies and even the guys are like how the Hell did you pull that off?
Just last night walking around a local festival we bumped into some people we knew and ladies were like holy sh1t you look Fantastic!
One of my wifes friends who hadn't seen me in 6 months didn't recognize me when I walked up to her at first..then she gasped.
Its fun when you reach this point.
I thought about having divorce papers served the following Monday... I kid..

But now that everyone has noticed there is an odd feeling of pressure to keep this up and not stray.

Sorry to ramble on but hell this is what this threads all about.
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