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Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
Give it up. You might be able to kid yourself into thinking you averaged 225 without knowing anything about the game and with a girlish backhand release, but any real bowler knows that your story is total bullshit.

You may have bowled a 225 GAME once. Anyone can do it once. There's a huge ****ing difference between doing it once and AVERAGING 225.

If I get a hole in one, does that mean my average score for 18 holes of golf is 18?
Originally Posted by unnecessary drama View Post
I'm not trying to be a dick...I just find it incredibly hard to believe a backup bowler can average a 225...when the best of the best that bowl at our local bowling alley will average that every 5 years or so...and generally between 215 and 220.
Maybe Baby Lee is Amish.
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