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Originally Posted by Maverick91579 View Post
Alex Smith will do whatever is asked of him. that's just the way he is.

Whatever the game plan is, is what he will do. its always been that way. hes a perfect soldier. There is no general in him though.

Really? Jim Harbaugh changed Alex Smith in a lockout shortened offseason. Taught him to protect the ball, and to make sure that every drive ended in a kick.

Alex has a brilliant mind, and he will do whatever Andy, and Doug want him to do. That is the problem with people assume that they know Alex Smith, and then get pissed when people WHO DO know Alex Smith, try to tell you what to expect. If Andy wants Alex throwing more down field, then Alex will do that.
As a guy who has seen every NFL game Alex has played in, and I have concluded there is no ****ing knowing him. I have been right about his performance a few times, but always on the wrong occasion.

I think you are closer than most of the people in here. If Reid wants alex to push the ball against certain coverage, he will. 2009 Alex used to throw to Davis on the post into all hell be damned triple coverage.

I think Alex might be close to his best throwing the ball 40 times a game with a healthy screen and check down game, but you never know with Alex Smith though. So based on my track record with predicting Alex Smith, he is going to do anything but thrive throwing the ball 40 times a game, but will do so later down the road.
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