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Originally Posted by NinerDoug View Post
Holy Shit. My friend, Harbs is a God.

He did not "stab Alex in the back." The Niners moved up in the second round to draft CK7. He was not drafted to be a backup. Everyone, including Alex, knew he was drafted to take over eventually.

As the head coach, his "prime directive," to wax star trek, is to do what was best for the team. It was apparent to everyone that turning it over to Kaep at that point was what was best for the team. I always supported Alex and wanted him to succeed, but, unfortunately, that is part of the game.

What Harbs did for the Niners was incredible, miraculous. And Alex got to ride that wave for a while. Not going to tell you how to feel, but I just cant understand being pissed at Harbs.
I am not saying that I think Jim is an incompetent coach... not even saying that I am unhappy he is our HC.

... but I value honesty and loyalty... and I think those are qualities that Jim lacks. He's a silver-tongued salesman looking to get what he wants. If that produces trophies? Of course, I'll learn to live with it.... I don't respect him as a human being... and I wouldn't trust him or go to war with him as a player. (well, I would cause I love the game and they pay well, lol)
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