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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
You really have zero self-awareness. You're a terrible poster, but that isn't supposed to be a bannable offense.

Let me be clear. I'm not saying you're a terrible poster because I disagree with just about every post you make. There are plenty of good posters with whom I seldom agree. You are a terrible poster because you bring absolutely nothing to the table. You aren't funny. You aren't insightful. You aren't even the kind of poster that anyone can just shoot the shit with.

I honestly can't think of a single other poster on this board...frazod included...that I am certain I wouldn't get along with if I met them in real life (and neither of us were aware that the other was a CPer). I am almost positive that I would completely dislike you within two minutes of meeting you, though.

Part of roasting someone is taking things that are arguably positives about them and turning them into something embarrassing. What is even arguably good about you as a poster?

There's nothing funny about pointing out the obvious. "Look at Wickedson. He's an effeminate child who uses 'lol' in every post and is the embodiment of a pussy liberal apologist." My six year old son is playing coach-pitch baseball. I can blow a fastball by him, but there's nothing satisfying about it. Where's the sense of accomplishment?
That's great and I value your opinion like I do pretty much everyone else on this board, well... maybe not mnchiefs because he blatantly lies about things, but for the most part I do.

Your attempts of passive aggressive posting on pretty much anything KU/Big 12 do strike a nerve with me as that is the majority of our interaction which I suppose is to be expected. Now a roast of posters is a pretty funny idea and I think is something that can be enjoyed. I'm not sure where you get the idea that the "shat cannot be shot" with me as I'm constantly doing so with many people on this board.

Your attempt to "blow a fastball by me" is pretty funny and I'm sure charming to some but it's not the full story. I mean, you did start an entire thread asking why I was banned which I find odd to do with someone who you can "blow a fastball by". Why go to the trouble? Just let it be known that I know you enjoy posting topics in the realignment thread looking for a response and I willingly jump at the chance more times than not. I find it to be a nice relief to my day which can be hectic at times. Makes me miss the easy going nature of living in the great state of Kansas which you love so much. Will we ever meet? Eh, probably not but if by chance we do just know that it would be me coming with negative vibes. Life's too short for that shit.
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