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Yeah, I will always be a die-hard 49ers fan, but Harbaugh is an asshole snake for stabbing Alex in the back. Jim got what he deserved by losing the SB... though we the fans didn't deserve it. (well, some did) Oh well.. won't historically be the first team I adore that is coached by a despicable person.
Bottom line: You can lose your starting spot especially at QB IF you consistently score more in the redone like Kaep did and continue to put up W's as you bring the level of play up for everyone else around you making them play better.

The only time this wouldn't have applied is if IF Marty Shot were the coach he would have given the starting QB job back to Smith and benched Kaep because in his mind it's not fair to Smith since he got injured (a la Grbac vs Gannon). It was obviously clear the Chiefs O during that run was far more motivated and productive under Gannon than Grbac. The Chiefs O that year respected Gannon's leadership and playmaking abilities far more than Grbac and it definitely showed. But Marty couldn't see it. No way am I comparing Gannon to Kaep athletically although Gannon is very athletic but, I'm strictly speaking about Gannon's leadership and motivation he brought to the Chiefs O that year and the big difference between he and Grbac.

If Kaep is taken out and Smith put back in last year your Niners don't make it to the SB. Because Matt Ryan/Russell Wilson are far better athletic playmaking leaders in crunch time than Smith can ever hope to be. But Harbs did the right thing and went with his gut based on what not only what he saw in Kaep individually but how everyone else in the offense 'stepped their game up' and played better under Kaep's leadership.

Take off your Harb hating glasses and see the real picture here.
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