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Originally Posted by Chiefshrink View Post
Bottom line: You can lose your starting spot especially at QB IF you consistently score more in the redone like Kaep did and continue to put up W's as you bring the level of play up for everyone else around you making them play better.
Smith had scores on 14 of 23 red zone opportunities for 60.8%.

Kaepernick has had 8 scores in 17 red zone opportunities for 47%.

Want to try that again?

Originally Posted by Chiefshrink View Post
Take off your Harb hating glasses and see the real picture here.
I generally despise dishonesty. I feel Jim promised and owed it to Alex to give him the 2012 season. To let him finish what he started... even if that meant saying g'bye to Alex the following year for his handpicked, young QB. It was a surprise to most people (outside of the few Alex hating talking heads) when Kaepernick came in and never looked back. Most analysts and fans thought it was a huge gamble... and it was. I believe Alex was ranked as the 3rd best in NFL passer rating at the time of the concussion.

To Kaep's credit, he did a great job of stepping in. I get that he has amazing potential. I actually am "over" it now, and I like where everything's at right about now. But there's no way I will ever see the decision as anything other than a betrayal.. a real dick move by a HC that would slit his own mother's throat to get what he wants. Maybe that is a mentality that fans should want out of their HC. Winning is all that matters in the end, right? Still... it was a dick move... and I would expect most of the players to see Jim in a different light now. (not that that matters much, when it comes down to it)
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