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Originally Posted by mcaj22 View Post
Your argument is, let me get this straight:

That 8 years, it has never been the #1 overall draft picks fault, it was every single circumstance around him. Owners, coaches, players, schemes. Everything. 8 years that a franchise spent on a #1 overall pick to rely on carrying them, and it was NEVER his fault. So that nice inflated #1 draft slot contract he had and everything else. Not him.

So hes not a bust in your eyes? Cause everything around him for his career has held poor Alex back

that's your argument then? The coaches, systems and players around him sucked and he couldnt turn the franchise around being a #1 overall pick playing the most important position in the sport.

That's your defense of him.
Well, no. I have never been one to soley dismiss alex smith from the blame of anything. But, to take your point of view with it, is RIDICULOUS. Like situation, and stability, and talent around your first overall pick doesn't matter.

Look at the Elite qbs. What do they all have in common? Stability?

Look at Drew Brees, his stability, the way they are constantly upgrading the talent around him, how about Aaron Rodgers? He has been driving a Ferrari from the word go in Green Bay, compared to the talent he has had since becoming a starter, to what Alex Smith has had collectively at any time, from front office to the last player on the roster, is a Ford Pinto. Can you even attempt to argue that?

Are you telling me that there is no correlation to the entire team around Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees? Can you honestly tell me that with the constant coaching changes, the poorly run management the lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball, that someone like Alex Smith was supposed to over come that? I know the reason that Alex Smith went first overall. And it wasn't Talent. Aaron Rodgers was MORE talented than Alex Smith. The experts knew it, the 49ers knew it, but the head coach, Mike Nolan, didn't like Aaron Rodgers attitude, and the 49ers front office, IE JOHN YORK, didn't want to pay Aaron Rodgers what Aaron Rodgers agents were wanting, which significantly more than Alex Smith. No, Alex Smith is not a franchise qb, no Alex Smith can not win on his own. But, you can not show me ONE single qb who can, and if Alex Smith is not on the qb level of the elite qbs, how could he ever even remotely be successful without the other pieces in place?

Now, if you can disagree with anything I have said right there, you are doing nothing more than trolling, and your mind is made up completely about Alex Smith, which is fine. Im not going to try to change your mind, but as an "alex homer" as you put it, im at least going to try to state the obvious.
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