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Originally Posted by mcaj22 View Post
I dont disagree with that balance, my argument was where are we getting a Matt Schaub-like QB from? Who is throwing for 4000 yards? Alex Smith?

What makes anyone think Alex Smith is capable of a 4000 yard season? Because he has Bowe now? That's literally ALL he has on this team in the passing game now until a bunch of borderline ***** bust draft picks decide to wake up and produce.
Small sample size, but Orton was throwing for nearly 300 a game... without the benifit of Charles for a RB. I think we have been so conditioned to suckage from Cassel that we think every QB we bring in is going to post small numbers.

And just for the sake of the discussion, Schaub threw for 3800 last season, with one huge game that went 3 socores into overtime aginst the Jags. The rest of his games we comparable to Smith's. So yes, I think Smith can duplicate Schaub yardage wise. I think he can out do Schaub TD/Int wise.JMO
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