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I know a lot of people have read Stephen King's Dark Tower series so I wanted ask this here:

I got to the fourth book, Wizard and Glass about a year and a half ago. I had burned through books 2 and 3 and it all came to a crashing halt with this book. It is so boring that I am having a hard time time getting through it. I put it down after the first third or so and will occasionally pick it up an endure another chapter or two before turning to something else to read.

This Amazon reviewer says it better than I can:

Wholeheartedly agree with the above review, except I feel much more disdain for this part of the series. I literally RIPPED through books 1-3. One of them I think I even started and finished in a single weekend. Right from the beginning I found Wizard and Glass IV to be a snore and I found myself rereading sections because my mind kept wandering elsewhere. The interesting part is since the beginning of the series I've been dying to know more of Roland's past. This really didn't fit the bill.

Unfortunately, if you are like me, you will read every part of a series and will have no choice but to ENDURE this book. I am not sure how some people are giving this book 5 stars. They must really have an appreciation for all kinds of literature because I would give Books 1-3 five stars and this book...2 stars. While books 1-3 have a great sense of adventure, book IV is more of a love story with a lot of time devoted to characters you do not care about and have no reason to care about. It's incredibly long-winded with many pages spent on details that leave you wondering about the purpose of the last 50 pages was.

Maybe in the grand scheme of the series this interlude fits nicely, but damn is it tough to get through! I sincerely hope the rest of the series is not like this because I will likely not finish it. It seems each book gets longer and longer and I definitely cannot force myself through another chapter of this.
So, for those that have read the entire series, how critical is the uber-long flashback? I would like to get back to the present storyline. If I read a synopsis on wiki or something, could I accurately get the gist of things enough to skip the flashback and continue the current storyline or do I need to continue to force my way through it? I know this sounds bad but my reading time is extremely limited and I have a lot of books lined up. I have too many good books on tap to waste time having to force myself to slog through a book.

tl;dr : Wizard and Glass is boring
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