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Originally Posted by saphojunkie View Post in LA.

I should get a slingbox and hook it up at my mom's place in OP.
It's definitely a power move and potential troubling because these cable companies are literally at war trying to get customers to sign up with them exclusively. It works for KU because I'm sure they are getting more $$ from this deal than anyone in the Big 12 besides Texas. It's going to be a huge number.

Not only that but SZ and KU are looking beyond the KCMO area for their brand. They see what college athletics are worth and the fact is there are cable providers out there willing to give KU the exposure.

The Jayhawk Network (or whatever it's going to be called) will be available in every single market that Time Warner exists in. And this isn't a shared thing ala Oklahoma, K State, etc... this is their own channel. It's actually more exposure than the Longhorn Network because local affiliates don't have to "pick it up"... it's going to be apart of the TWC's nationwide network.

Now that doesn't mean it's going to be free. Each subscriber will probably have to pay just like you have to pay for the BTN. Would I pay for it? Sure. But that doesn't mean it's going to be a bonanza with individuals.

The real value to KU here is having that revamped network. It's another piece to a resume that is sure to boost the brand. This is SZ and Co's biggest get since taking over. It's risky in the sense that you're taking a bit of what used to be free away from a few local people... but you're building a huge system that they hope will be value enough for people to switch over to TWC altogether.

TWC thinks that will happen. Otherwise they would have never made this deal.
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