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Originally Posted by sedated View Post
this is not the case at all according to the associate AD. Here's the summary of his interview yesterday:

"As of right now, if you dont have TWC and live in the KC area, you'll have to go to a friends house to watch...

...this wasnt a monetary decision, thats not what tier 3 is about, its about national exposure...

...(sounds like a great deal for TWC, if subscriptions increase, will KU's benefits increase?) financially? no...

...this deal was struck by IMG (was it exclusively an IMG decision?) it was a joint decision...

...we are proud to have 11 of our 18 sports get the chance to be seen nationally..."
I wouldn't expect everyone to be thrilled with this. I am, but I think moves like what KU has done are necessary to "keep up with the Jones's".

Kentucky, Duke, UNC... aren't getting any smaller and I think all three have a bigger national brand than KU. KU just landed the best prospect on the planet, have a coach who has won more games in the last 6 years than in the history of the sport, and are embarking on a new era of college sports like it or not.

Now is the time to strike and bring your brand to a greater level on a national scale. It will work too. There's a reason why Phil Knight, Jay Z, etc hang out in the Kentucky locker room. It's branding. Partnering with Adidas to get to that level is what I think KU is angling for. Seeing Lebron draped in his Adidas Heat jersey last night and seeing Wiggins walk around day and night decked out are very important and something KU is looking to capitalize on.
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