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I think it's cool as hell that you remember Mepo's fab-4. I think it's even cooler as hell that you guys beat them at the Drake relays, right? Not that I don't have school spirit, it's just those guys were track legends at Mepo when I was a youngster...I don't think any of us realized that they had ever been beaten.

If you were on a team that beat them, you must have been fast as hell.
I think they beat us at Drake relays. They also beat us at Districts. We beat them at State.

How could I not remember those guys. They hung a bunch of silver medals on me when we were used to getting gold. In fact, I think they even came onto our home track and beat us. It was good to get them at State though. That's the one you want to win. We were pretty fast for white boys. Pissed off a lot of brothers when we ran against some of the Des Moines schools. The whole Knoxville track program has been very cool for several decades. The old man ran it and both his sons were amazing track athletes. The eldest went on to become a really good decathlete. Now the old man retired and both sons run the track program. They're very good still. The old man's grandson took home some hardware this year at state.

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