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Nice. Yeah, I know your a mod and everything on here, but the first thing I think of when I see your name is that you had to have been one fast white boy if you were on a team that beat our Mepo track legends. That Mepo team took home multiple golds for a couple years there. If you were to come to Mepo and tell someone that you were on a team that beat them, pretty much anyone would be skeptical as hell. They pretty much were considered "superhuman" when they were doing their thing and that reputation has stuck for decades now. Aaron Egbert was basically considered a demigod. There are pictures of him (and all of them for that matter) all over the concourse at Mepo.

Anyways, Knoxville is good shit. Congrats to your.... nephew, correct? Your dad is probably proud as hell.

Not sure how many people know this about Phil, but I can, for sure, with 100% confidence vouche that this dude is fast as hell.
Nah nah. The family who coaches track in Knoxville is unrelated to me. I was just trying to explain (poorly) the family legacy. That Egbert guy was unbelievably fast but he usually lost to one of our guys, Marek Wensel who was even better. Wensel runs the Senior Track circuit to this day. He's still pulling 48 second 400's in his mid 40's.
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