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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
Your must successful thread ever (out of the 161 you've created) got 260 replies back in 2008. It was a discussion of No Country for Old Men.

This thread is exactly one month old and has averaged 275 posts per day. The best thread you've ever made would be a bad day for this thread.

You've been on this board for 12 years. I'm willing to bet that this thread will get more replies than every thread you've ever made combined.

I don't even care about shit like this, but it does irritate me when people who contribute a negligible amount of value to the board shit all over those who consistently bring something (love it or hate it) worthy of discussion to the table.

If this thread "only" gets to 10,000 posts, it will 38x more successful than anything you've ever created.
If only Skip Towne were still around to tabulate 100 post threads. This thread, for all intents and purposes is a train-wreck. That's why there are 8000 posts. Some of the worst threads on this site have tons of posts. If we're measuring thread value based on shock-jock appeal then this is a very, very good thread. But is that really what constitutes a good thread?
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