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I admire anyone who has taken the time out to attain their college degree, no matter in what discipline.

What I do find appalling is the following:

1) The belief that you must have a degree or your earning potential is limited. I may not be able to pull down Dr, Lawyer, Dentist or CEO money but I know many non-degreed people who pull down more money than CPA's, Accountants, and other degreed vocations.

2) The belief that having a degree makes you more capable of performing a function than a person with experience.

3) On the flip side, a person who doesn't have their degree bitching and moaning about having to work harder to prove themselves. It's the road we've taken....accept it, work harder to prove you are just as capable and overcome everyone's misconceptions.[/QUOTENever said it was required to make a good living. But to say its easy or over rated is ignorant
You need a degree to screw up the quote function like a champ though.
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