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Originally Posted by Rausch View Post
The show is ****ing terrible.

I look at this like I look at UFO's: do I think that 20 out of thousands of sightings might be real? Yeah, I think that's possible. I think a very small percentage of what people see could be real.

It's possible in some remote location there is a small population. Not likely - but possible.
can't disagree with any of this.
I grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan on an Air Force Base near Sault St Marie (pronounced Soo). we lived near the edge of the base and practically lived in the woods every day. if you took off the wrong direction and got're gone man. we were in the middle of nowhere...wilderness like a mother****er! bears and shit. real deal.

our swimming hole was Dukes lake and one day authorities took a plaster cast of a supposed bigfoot footprint. I was understandably fascinated. funny thing though...we were never afraid of anything in the woods except for bears. we figured...hey....he'd be nice to us...right? and no...I never saw one. I've seen and read everything I've come across on bigfoot. a couple of the most thought provoking things I ever came across was...
1 - a footprint cast of a bigfoot with malformed foot. it was analyzed by a foot doc and he said along with the dermal ridges that run differently in apes than they do in humans....that the deformity itself could only have been faked by a doctor. but it could have been faked I guess...still....
2 - tried to find a pic or video. but some show I saw had pics of yeti tracks in the himalayas that went on for miles. just giant barefoot tracks that run up the side of the mountain. coulda been faked but if I remember correctly they weren't even on a mission about bigfoot, they just came across the tracks. freaking weird man.

one of the only things I can think of on this show that ever really intrigued me is this....

if it's not a's very possible someone had a pet ape of some kind and that's what it is......other than that.....WTF!

you can do a little research and find that bigfoot goes back to caveman days in multiple countries. so...imo....there MUST be SOMETHING to it...but I think whatever may have been is no longer. meaning that at some point in time, IF they were real, and it's certainly possible that they were, but at some point in time they died out. maybe they were still around when Columbus discovered this place. maybe they were gone by then. maybe the last few, with dwindling numbers and unable to reproduce, maybe they disappeared in the 50's, or the 60's.....but as of right now....come on man!

shit...didn't mean to write a book. it's a subject that I've been mucho interested in since grade school. anyways...I'll stop with this. so after saying come on man! did you know that they just discovered....I think in 2004/2007?...a brand new 300 pound species of chimpanzees in some remote rain forest!? they walk upright a lot of the times and they weigh 300 lbs! think about that!

there is so damn much of this planet we know nothing about. so damn much that a human eye has never seen. so....maybe in a rain forest somewhere you've got a bigfoot...but in Cali...or Minnesota...hell anywhere in the US....I think not.

but maybe....
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