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I'm with you.

The culligan/rainsoft/ecowater/kinecto (sp) brands are those high end/high price places.

What I'm saying is that you can get a fleck valved system for $400-$600 at those other online places, which is right at sears prices, even under.

I don't work for or have any interest in any of these thing, I'm just sharing research from other professionals I've gathered over a few weeks of reading.

For that same $400-600 that you would have spent at Sears, you get these bonuses over Sears:
1. Valve that everyone says is bulletproof and long lasting. Nobody says that about the Sears unit.

2. Valve internals that are 1 1/4inch, not just 1 1/4 inch inputs with smaller internals.

3. Resin that is legit 8% instead of the 5% resin you'd find in the big box units. This alone is huge in extending the life of the unit. I can't find Sears's resin specs anywhere on their site. It's like not putting how many horsepower a car makes. Strange to leave it out. If it is indeed 5% resin, I sure wouldn't put it out there in print either.

4. Parts may from Noryl instead of pvc or abs that becomes brittle over time.

I think all the Sears units will work. They're not faulty, they're just not built to last, and everyone in the industry knows it. Just know what you're getting and if that's what you want. They do a good job of matching up parts and materials that will work together for the relatively short life of the unit.

People are transient these days. Why buy a unit that will last for 20 years when you'll only be there for 4? Huge market for short life units, and they're filling the void.

Not my style, though. (Neither are the $3000 units, yikes!)
Hmmm, didn't realize fleck was a low cost unit. I may look into one of these. Do they do the install or do I have to find someone to do it/
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