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Originally Posted by Woodrow Call View Post
Though I know specs vary and our networks are completely incompatible lol but thought I'd drop in some thoughts from a T-Mobile tech care rep point of view. Basically these opinions are based on customer feedback, exchanges I've proccessed, training classes, and some specs. I know most of you have far more actual tech knowledge just thought I could offer I different prospective on a few options and now that our employee plans are finally set back up I'm phone shopping myself.

1. IPHONE 5-Using the 4S on Verizon before I left for T-Mobile made me rethink my anti-Apple stance. Then after see Android after Android turn into exchange after exchange about a year to a year half in or after one too many updates or whatever the case might be turned me into me into a huge believer in the IPHONE. Plus seeing the recent issues with the S2, S3, and One-S updates I'm just leary of androids at this point especially now that we have the option of the IPHONE. I'd say out 250 calls a week I take, the IPhone calls I get our simple fixes and maybe only a couple a month will end up needing transfers to our Adv Apple Tech Care team. The software, hardware, built in maitnence, etc make this my personal top choice.

2. Galaxy 4- Loved the training class on this device and came away moving it up my list from 5th. Even though the S2 and S3 issues recently scare me bit I'm willing to chalk it up to a temporary drop testing quality on the updates and Androids being Androids during this period in there lifecycle. That being said I've loved the Note 2 and since the S2 and S3 were easily our top 2 selling devices and with no real issues before the previous updates I'm willing to take a little bit of a wait and see approach. Plus intitial feedback and lack of even a first wave exchanges have turned this into a serious contender.

3. HTC One-I haven't received very many calls on this device but I will be honest the few that I do seem to always end up major and will end up in an exchange or trade out. Main reason I have it ranked this high is how well my One-S has performed and suprised me when at the time I mainly chose it for the Beats Audio and I wanted to be different when everyone else on my team was getting a S3. Judging by HTC history and quick reaction and fix after the One-S sofware update issues last month I'm confident they'll get the initial kinks worked out.

4. Sony Xperia Z- recently had a training on this device and came away very intrigued and impressed with what I see on the Tech side and rugged build. Think this phone has a lot of potential. Just waiting to see some initial results, reports from customers, and some more one on one time with the device before jumping head first but it has become a darkhorse.

Misc unscientific phone ramblings
-Not sure if they are making phones for other carriers or just our MyTouch and Prisms but is avoid any phone secretly made by Hauwei. Their first year on device side has been a rough learning expierience and unless desperate avoid like the plague.

-Likewise as much as it kills me to say it as an XBOX gamer and ex Zune fan from the Nokia 710 to HTC 8x its been a rough start and at this point they need to prove it to me first. That being said there is a small minority at my call center that would disagree and are very loyal to there Windows Phone.

-Seems to a have been a major spike in all LG devices calls and trouble shooting

-Lastly if anyone is looking for bang for the buck and don't want to settle for a low to mid range smartphone I'd highly recommend the S3 since the price drop when compared to other phones in that range its an easy choice and a steal.

Anyway hope this helps in some way but if not carry on......
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