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Says in this link that his ranking was 16 last season.

[Sounds alarm to cue something important] Play-action! Keep that in mind. Smith is excellent at play-action. The Chiefs hired Chris Ault, the grandfather of the pistol, a formation in which the play-action pass could be very effective. Think play-action with Chris Ault. It's not all about the pistol. The play-action will only work with a guy like Jamaal Charles back there. Think how effective that could be.

Interesting note that Smith has been "outstanding" with multiple tight end personnel. The Chiefs have multiple tight ends who will see the field. If those tight ends can block AND catch, it helps sell that play-action.

I'm to the point, as a Chiefs fan, where I just want to see them not screw it up. Don't care so much about going for the jugular or things like that. I just want them to not screw it up. Don't look bad. Don't go 2-14. Just look like a normal dang team. Is it bad that my expectations have lowered like that?

I would LOVE to see an up-tempo offense that excels at short throws. Efficiency is the name of the game and that's where Smith makes his money. The Chiefs traded for him partially because he was so accurate, so you may as well put him in the best position possible to highlight that accuracy. An up tempo offense, focusing on quick throws and our guy Jamaal Charles ... I'm getting excited.
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