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Originally Posted by tambaberry View Post
lol at people thinking they would survive this situation. There would be huge groups of people, basically small armies that would band together for survival. That would be the only possible way to survive something like this. Old Dog, you might survive a month or more in your house, but all it would take is for one of these groups to surround your house and wait you out if they so chose to do that. It would be huge fenced, protected communities that would survive not people in their houses.
Not everyone lives in NY ****ing city. There are places around here that I know about that are VERY remote. Am I saying we would be living the life of Riley, no I'm not and there wouldn't be anything easy about it, but out here, it's doable. I've got enough survival crap and know enough people in the remote sticks that I would be fine. I can also survive off the land if I have to.
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