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Originally Posted by frazod View Post
Illinois conceal carry update:

Our cocksucking **** of a governor issued an amendatory veto of the already gutted bill, adding so much bullshit that it's nearly completely useless, which of course was the idea all along.

Already it would have been illegal to carry on public transportation. Already the fee would have been $150 for application, plus 16 hours of certified training. These things alone were bad enough. But Queef now adds these shitty little nuggets:

* 10 round magazine restriction (my carry gun, of course, has 12 round mags)
* No CC in any establishment with a liquor license (no bars, most restaurants)
* A presumption that guns are not permitted on any private property, unless a sign is posted saying guns are allowed (basically, the opposite of everywhere else)
* Any employer will be able to prohibit guns on premises

And a couple of others, but basically, those are the worst.

So, if nothing changes, the long and the short of it is I can pay these ****s $150, pay more money to get certified, then eventually get a permit, but basically only be able to carry legally in my ****ing driveway.

God I hate this ****ing state. And this piece of shit governor is 10 times worse than the last two, both of whom were sent to prison.

Well, the good news is our shitbag governor's veto was outvoted, so the most ****tarded of his amendments to the conceal carry bill were shot down by the Illinois legislature today, so as soon as it is implemented, which will probably be sometime next year (I expect mass foot dragging from butthurt state officials), we'll finally have conceal carry here, the last state in the ****ing country to do so. And it is of the WILL ISSUE variety, not MAY ISSUE like New York, so the onus is on them to prove you can't get a permit, not on the applicant to prove he needs it (beyond that silly Constitution thing).

The bad news is it's still too restrictive, and because of these restrictions will probably have little to no impact in the high crime areas where people really need it.

But I don't live in those places, so **** 'em. They're responsible for the godawful politicians that screw them over anyway, so I guess they're getting what they deserve.
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