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Sounds like we might get to see what the new Godzilla looks like tomorrow...maybe.

Godzilla (2014) has officially wrapped up filming as of yesterday and director Gareth Edwards and company flew straight from the final shoot to San Diego Comic-Con last night in time to prepare for tomorrow's BIG Godzilla reveal!

So what can we expect from Legendary tomorrow in Hall H for their Godzilla reveal? Well, sources claim that the studio is planning to reveal what their new Godzilla looks like in some kind of video - official trailer or no. Attendees of the Godzilla Encounter got a sneak peak at the new King, via a CGI simulator (NOT a clip from the movie), which shows a portion of Godzilla's face as he looks into a window (which you're pretending to stand behind). Deadline managed to snap a pic of this simulator, and even though the quality isn't that great, you can still make out Godzilla's glowing red eyes!

Also, in Legendary's Godzilla Encounter, they had a number of Godzilla models and heads on display behind glass. Now, it's important to note that these are NOT models of the new Godzilla. The new Godzilla model was apparently under a black cloth, with the id card reading "Legendary's GODZILLA" or something to that effect. So, no one has really seen what the new Godzilla looks like in full. But below are a couple images of those Godzilla models which were on display, courtesy of

Sites reporting that any of the above images are of the new Godzilla are simply wrong. Legendary has kept a tight lip on their design for the new Godzilla, and will remain to do so until their reveal tomorrow afternoon in Hall H. Whether or not this leaks online or is publicly available, has yet to be seen. But from accounts of those visiting the Godzilla Encounter in San Diego, Godzilla looks like Godzilla. No mutant Iguanas this time.

So, with filming now complete, the post-production can take flight, and expect the viral marketing campaign to pick up steam as well. For those attending Comic-Con this year, don't miss Legendary's presentation in Hall H between 10:45am and 1:15pm tomorrow!
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