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Originally Posted by Maverick91579 View Post
I don't understand it. Even in the Mike Singletary, Mike Nolan years, I was optimistic going in, that THIS WAS OUR YEAR....

Now, here there is a true reason for optimism, and some people just REFUSE to at least wait and see. They must lead seriously pathetic miserable lives.
Many of them say it is because we can not appreciate the LONG duration of KC suckage... I can somewhat appreciate that.. but still.. you can never lose your way like some seem to have. Doing so is only hurting one's self.

The hate, anger, and despair is mostly a front... a protective barrier put up to insulate them from another potential letdown. It is a self defense mechanism consciously or unconsciously deployed. If they express defeat and prepare for the worst? Then another devastating season will be less harmful. It's.. quite frankly.. the coward's way out... and gives them some semblance of a silver-lining (at least) that they can then scream out, "See!?!? I was right!"
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