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Originally Posted by keg in kc View Post
The "negative" people might better be labeled the "skeptical" people. Because not having blind faith that things will be magically better just because does not make one negative.
You seem to want to label the defeated, doomsayers as "skeptical"... and then want to label the remotely positive or open-minded people as "blind faith homers."

so let's be honest...

There are a vocal dozen that have already mailed in the season as failed.
(you really want to call them merely "skeptical?")

There are others who have many doubts, but are excited and hopeful.
(thinking all is not sunshine, yet they could very well be a 6-8 team and improve further the next season)

There are those with some doubts, but overall, expect a good season.
(thinking a 9 or 10 win season, and a good start to building a long-ish-term playoff contender)

There are exactly ZERO people that have complete blind faith and are expecting a SB ring this season.
(and if there are, then point them out)
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