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Missed a couple of pages while running a meeting.

Santana signing a one-year deal... I think the odds of this happening are INCREDIBLY low. Considering the thin FA market, someone will be willing to give him 3-4 years and sacrifice the first-round pick. It might be for 4 years, $40 million, but that's still a better deal for him, long-term, than another 1-year deal at the qualifying offer price. Santana's track record is similar - and superior in some aspects - to that of Anibal Sanchez, and we saw the money he got.

And as to the actual value of Howie Kendrick... I'm gong to make DeezNuts really happy and once again mention... TISTAAPP.

I like Ventura a lot. I was praising him as a prospect probably before anyone on this board, and before all the prospect guys EXCEPT for Jason Parks at BP. I am probably his biggest fan. But he's still a prospect. He's still a guy with some significant flaws.

If you can get 2.5 years of a top 10 2B like Howie Kendrick for him, you have to look at it.

I'd probably still back up and try to see if I could make that a Kyle Smith + Cheslor Cuthbert/Orlando Calixte + Christian Colon + Brett Eibner deal, or something like that. But if it gets to the point where it's Ventura or bust, I wouldn't let it bust.
Absolutely. And to add, the Royals control Gordon and Butler for only the next couple of years, too. So the window is pretty clearly defined.

Go get a real 2B.
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