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Originally Posted by Sorter View Post
Too much from 1 state. Also, the lack of southeastern conference representatives is somewhat shocking.
Screw the SEC.

And Van Noy and Hoffman are legit. Van Noy is pretty much a guaranteed first rounder and Hoffman should be in the 2/3 range.

From Bucky Brooks:

As a young scout for the Seattle Seahawks, I learned from wily defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes that playmakers are valued at a premium on defense. He repeatedly told me defenders with a proven track record of delivering game-changing plays should be held in high regard because the NFL is about creating disruption and turnovers on defense.

When I cast my eyes to college looking for a defender capable of living up to that standard, I keep coming back to BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

Now, I know some diehard SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 fans will take offense to my selection of Van Noy, but he definitely has a penchant for playmaking. The 6-foot-3, 245-pound linebacker registered 13 sacks, 22 tackles for loss, six forced fumbles, two interceptions, two blocked kicks and a fumble recovery last season as a junior. Those numbers speak volumes about his ability to impact the game in every way.

Breaking down the All-22 coaches tape of Van Noy, I believe he is an athletic playmaker with exceptional instincts and awareness. He has a tremendous feel for the game, which is why he is always around the ball against the run or pass. He is an explosive "run-and-chase" defender against the run with a closing burst that allows him to track down runners from the backside. With a game built on finesse and athleticism instead of brute strength and physicality, Van Noy fails to consistently set the edge against powerful blockers.

Although he yields some ground at the point of attack, he eventually works free and fights to get in on the play late.

Van Noy is at his best rushing the passer on blitzes from the second level. He uses his quickness and agility to slip past running backs in the hole on the way to the quarterback. He also displays a natural "bend and burst" maneuver when collapsing the pocket from the outside on speed rushes. Although he lacks the hand skills and strength to overwhelm offensive tackles on bull-rush moves or other power-based techniques, Van Noy has a knack for getting to the quarterback off the edge. Most importantly, he has habit for knocking the ball out when he arrives, as evidenced by his 11 forced fumbles.

In coverage, he is a ball hawk with superb awareness and instincts. He deciphers route concepts quickly, while maintaining vision on the quarterback prior to the throw. This not only results in quick breaks, but it is one of the reasons he always appears to be around the ball as a zone defender.

From Walter:

Van Noy decided to return for 2013 despite his strong juniot season. The senior's game is NFL-ready, but his frame looks a little undersized. Van Noy (6-3, 235) should get stronger to defend the run. It wouldn't be surprising if he is slightly smaller than his listed measurements. Van Noy could have the frame to add 10-15 pounds of bulk and that would be a good idea.

Van Noy is extremely instinctive. He reads plays quickly and finds his way to the ball. Van Noy is very skilled at seeing where the ball is going and getting to the point of making an impact when plays head away from him. His good instincts can be seen with his developed ability to create sack-fumbles. Van Noy's instincts are one of his best traits.

Evaluators from the passing-driven NFL are going to love how Van Noy really excels in pass defense. He is an extremely explosive pass-rusher coming off the edge. The senior has a great getoff and routinely burns offensive tackles with speed rushes around the corner. His trademark skill is his phenomenal blitzing. Van Noy is a terror off the edge with the way he dodges blockers to hunt down the quarterback. He is excellent in pursuit, too; closing in an instant with superb speed to chase down ball-carriers. Van Noy looks like he has the potential to be a special pass-rusher in the NFL.

Van Noy's prowess as a pass-defender can also be seen in his pass coverage. As an outside linebacker, he is smooth dropping into coverage and moves well in space. Van Noy reads plays well and breaks on the ball. He has tremendous ball skills and makes the most of the opportunities to create turnovers.

While Van Noy isn't the biggest defender, he is surprisingly physical. Van Noy is a solid run-defender and doesn't hesitate to mix it up with offensive linemen. He frequently puts ball carriers to the turf with authority, especially quarterbacks. Van Noy sheds blocks better than expected considering his size, but this is an area he could improve for the next level.

Van Noy also has a non-stop motor that helps him to make plays. He gives relentless effort and that allows him to make an impact coming from across the field.

Cody Hoffman:

As a redshirt sophomore, Cody Hoffman finished with the following receiving line: 61 catches for 943 yards and 10 touchdowns. He proved himself to be a productive and reliable pass catcher all over the field. With size (6'4") and strong hands, a future as an NFL possession receiver seemed attainable. And then he played his junior season. Hoffman tallied 100 catches for 1,248 yards and 11 touchdowns. He was magnificent. Now, as a redshirt senior, not only are there BYU school records within his grasp, but his ceiling as an NFL player has been expanded.

Hoffman is a very good catcher of the football. He has excellent body control and tracks the ball well. He is a pure hands catcher and does not rely on his body to trap the football.

Hoffman is quicker than fast and does a good job creating separation with his ability to get in and out of breaks. He can also get open by using his ability to sit in zones and find soft spots in coverage. He is a typical possession-style receiver and an overall solid route runner.

Hoffman has great ability as a sideline catcher. He can position himself well, catch the ball and get his feet down very naturally. He works the sidelines and intermediate routes very well. He is a very well-balanced player.

Hoffman will compete for the football at all times. He will make tough catches over the middle and does not seem to be afraid of taking a hit. He goes into traffic and competes.

The Cougars have relied heavily on Hoffman and he has consistently delivered for them. He was a clear first option on third-down and red zone opportunities last season.

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