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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
If the dude has a gun, a bat may or may not do the trick. The guy is coming up stairs. He is in motion. He only has to move very slightly to cause an adrenaline-filled, untrained homeowner to miss delivering a knockout blow. After one swing, a bat is nearly worthless in close quarters. If that guy has a gun, he will get off a shot before you can swing again.

Knives don't miss from close quarters.
The thought of a gun definitely gives you an edge on this one... I was thinking he had no gun.. only a bat.. but I guess you can't be sure. Anyway, with this part as part of the given scenario...

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs. The way the stairs are situated, you can hide behind a corner and get the element of surprise at close range just as the intruder reaches the top of the stairs
I'd say you had an excellent chance of winning this battle... if only because he is in a very difficult position on the stairs. A mere push would have him hurling down the flight of stairs.. so a bat would all the more do the trick of taking full advantage.

.. but not knowing if he has a loaded gun and is ready to fire it at the mere twitch of something crossing his vision? Yeah.. it's a risk... but I like my chances still.
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