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Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Got offered Doug Martin, Nicks, Steve Smith and Britt for Ridley, Steven Jax, Pierre Garçon and Josh Gordon. I have Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw as backups but I think I'm declining this. I love my RB depth and Garçon.
Let's do the Ben Franklin Pro/Con analysis and then you can decide for yourself.

Here is my pro/con analysis of your situation FWIW:

Doug Martin=Good-will get a lot of carries because Schiano like to run and that is Schiano's boy he picked and that division is weak against the run IMO.

Nicks=Fair-only because he is getting injured more often and Manning and his offense have a bad tendency these past few years to go in 'FUNKS" for weeks at a time which YOU cannot afford BUT when their O is on Nicks and Cruz really cruise! I wish you had Cruz instead of Nicks here if you are dealing with Manning because he targets Cruz more.

Steve Smith=Fair-I'm not a Newton fan and since Newton has become the Panthers QB, Smith's production is not what it used to be. Yes he is the only NO.1 target BUT defenses know this and double him now thus the reason for less production. If Cam were more mature and had a legit No.2 I would say Smith goes from 'fair' to 'good' !!

Britt=Good-flat out playmaker regardless of his 5 cent head off the field. When he is on the field he balls !! Locker has finally realized how good Britt is and will target him even more. Having CJ as his teammate only helps his production.

Ridley=Fair-Ridley is tearing it up in pre-season and looks to be 'the guy'. But when since Corey Dillion has Bellichek every gone with 'the one guy' at RB ??? There you go. Don't get me wrong I like how Ridley runs be he does not get enough touches for me because of Bellichek.

Steven Jackson=Fair-he will not get enough touches as well in this RBBC approach either. The only thing you can hope for is that since he is in a weak Run D division as well that he gets all the goal line touches. Rogers is on the rise and will get more touches and this Vaughn kid is a young Michael Turner. Of those 3 backs I would want Rogers for now.

Pierre Garcon=Good- Both RGIII and Cousins trust this guy and he should produce and Shanahan loves this guy. And if Shanny loves you, you will get targeted.

Josh Gordon=Good- I want to give this player an 'excellent' rating but I don't quite trust Weeden just yet. I love this kid's balling ability. He is like watching a man among boys competing for the ball and making big plays.

Trent Richardson=tentative Good- I think Jim Brown was right saying that TR is soft and so far it is proving true. Yes he can be a playmaker and he will get the touches but can he stay healthy ?

Ahmad Bradshaw=Fair-yes he is a playmaker but hell he has missed all of the pre-season because of injuries and he has consistently shown since day one of his career that he is highly injury prone. I like the way that he runs but I'm not falling for the big name either.

There you have it !! You decide !
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